Nass Asbestos Surveyors operate throughout the UK and provides a range of Asbestos Management services for both commercial and domestic clients. Our surveyors are all members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and are fully certified and experienced, allowing them to carry out both Management Surveys and Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys.

All our surveys and sampling techniques for suspect Asbestos Containing Materials are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive guidance document ‘HSG264’ and all samples obtained are sent to an independent, accredited laboratory for analysis.

For commercial clients we provide a full range of Asbestos Management services, from a free initial discussion through to a fully managed system. We also offer asbestos awareness training courses. So, if you are initially unsure what service you may require then please do contact us as we are always happy to provide preliminary advice without charge or obligation.

At Nass, we have absolutely no links with any removal companies whatsoever. This policy ensures that we will always remain truly independent in the advice we give. When recommending removal, we will direct the client to asbestos removal companies local to them and approved by the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association ( There is a geographical list of such companies on the ARCA website


The purpose of the survey is to help manage asbestos in the dutyholder’s premises. The survey has to provide sufficient information for an asbestos register and plan to be prepared, a suitable risk assessment to be carried out and a written plan to manage the risks to be produced.

Management Surveys – Replaces Type 1 & Type 2 Surveys.

Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys – Replaces Type 3 Surveys


On completion of your survey, you will receive an electronic Report, sent by email. This will include digital pictures and site plans. The report will list all areas suspected of containing asbestos and independent laboratory certificates of all samples obtained by our surveyors. An initial risk assessment will be made, this will be based on the results and using a scoring system in line with the requirements of HSG264. Your report can be used as a site register for Asbestos Containing Materials and must be made available to those who are likely to disturb the asbestos during proposed works etc. N.B. Printed, bound Reports can be produces for a fee.

Management Systems

We can assist you with your Risk Assessment and Management of Asbestos Containing Materials found throughout the site. Successful management of Asbestos Containing Materials is based on the effective identification, inspection and the implementation of an effective management programme. Working alongside your own staff, we can review your existing management plan and risk assessment and update your records with any noted deterioration, or further asbestos which has been revealed since the original survey.